Your trusted and experienced IT service provider.

Explorelogy (Pvt) Ltd is a trusted and experienced IT solution provider. We specialise in system integration and engineering services including system development, cloud infrastructure and consultation services. We implement globally proven methodologies and technology, with a touch of novelty and out-of-the-box thinking to provide client specific IT remedies and end-to-end solutions.

This makes us the technological backbone for companies, enabling them to perform with efficiency, convenience, and improved functionality every step of the way. We are up to date with the latest IT trends and approaches, ensuring that companies can function in an increasingly digital age focusing on their expertise without the hassle of technological interruptions.


To empower our clients with the latest, innovative ideology to explore and face the digital competitive market by deploying efficient and effective solutions which contribute value-added services to the world with leading-edge technology and we exist to accelerate the progress of our customers, staying them relevant to the digital economy and contributing directly to their success.


To become the global leading digital company, inspiring ordinary people to do the extraordinary in accomplishing more innovative solutions strengthened by passionate minds and upbringing trusted partnership with our clients and commitment to the highest quality of customer service provided with warmth, friendliness, and personal pride.


Our expectation for an exceptional high quality service delivery for our client chain. Mainly we want to deliver unique products and services which increase your brand value, market value and truly differentiate your esteem organization from your competitors. Our corporate culture expresses the core value and our passion for helping you achieve your business goals strategically through us.



2017 - 2018

Explorelogy was first registered as a company on the 26th of December, 2017. This was the start of an incredible journey, exploring the latest resources, innovations, and developments in the IT industry, and providing solutions to empower and strengthen businesses.

2018 - 2019

Within a year Explorelogy launched the iconic EduPlus systems which would transform the future of education and student learning. By 2019, Explorelogy also formed a business partnership with NextVision (Pvt) Ltd, driving the company’s growth and expansion.

2020 - Present

In a move to be the most sought out IT solutions company, we partnered with Theewra Worldwide (Pvt) Ltd, now providing integrated and holistic IT services to all our customers. Together with Next Vision (Pvt) Ltd, in 2020, we launched an island wide IT solutions system for students known as Revision Live systems.

our values


These values give us the foundations we need.


6 reasons Explorelogy is the solution your company needs


Customer first

Explorelogy puts our customers first. We prioritise your needs and work within your timelines to get the job done the way you want.


Industry expertise

Our team consists of industry experts and professionals with experience in providing IT solutions to a range of businesses working in diverse industries.


Easy experience

We understand that getting into technicalities can be exhausting. We are here to simplify the tech-stuff and provide you with an easy experience.


Diverse possibilities

We are experienced in a spectrum of technologies, software and applications and are experts at providing diverse solutions that are innovative and efficient.


Customised solutions

Every IT solution we provide will cater to your business requirements and engage in approaches that best remedy the challenges you face.


A long run partner

We don’t stop at interim results. We enable long term solutions and can provide you with continued assistance till your company is ready to take over.