Moving into a digital age, education and technology are two sectors that have become evermore interdependent. We have created a product that utilises IT resources to make education processes efficient and effective and enable a safe and reliable environment for students to work within.


With students increasingly relying on tuition classes, the capacity for education institutes and mass classes to handle the growing number of students who enroll and to provide education in a safe and controlled environment is becoming more difficult. To address this challenge, we have designed a technology that connects the institute, teachers, students as well as parents to one host.


Our Smart Card solution is an individual e-version of a physical ID, and enables an easy record system of all information and activities on an online database. With this, students and parents have access to class schedules, examination status and results, payments etc. and the institute has access to data such as student details, attendance, student progress etc. which will be evaluated strictly for educational/ professional requirements. Emergency notifications and other important details will also be shared across an SMS alert system enabled by this software.