A digital platform which provides an educational service by linking Teachers/Mentors and students together in one platform with the greatest technology in a quality manner. We will provide strategic service for the brand name in accordance with the vision of the company and its goals by addressing the NEAR FUTURE.


For students we can predict the results by the system if the user can challenge the virtual learning community and who are interesting to learn, prepare and apply to win the competition and for teachers who are capable on thinking “Out of box” and support students to gain knowledge and prepare them to achieve their target successfully to define the ladder of success.


The REVISIONLIVE is an online platform which connects Students and Teachers/Mentors together by stepping to the digital era of the Educational Industry. With our current platform even though you are in the country, students & mentors can access the platform by their ­fingertips easily without any hassle. Rather than other platforms we deliver “MCQ Questions” for students and “Live Streaming” privileges in a different manner to experience a fully digitalized and fully sophisticated education background which will support our future generation.