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We provide and manage multiple cloud infrastructure services that allow you to function without the need for internal infrastructure or the need to host your own applications. We enable you to place in-house applications and software on the cloud, as per your company requirement.

Unique selling point

The cloud services we provide are tailored and priced to suit your budget and business requirement. If you wish to expand your cloud storage or enhance your applications we are flexible to your needs.

Cost control

Partnering with Explorelogy means you no longer have to pay for your own infrastructure and software licenses.

Business benefit

Without the additional investment cost, you are able enhance applications, expand on software and scale your business according to your existing needs.

Suited for you

If you aren’t ready to invest in your own infrastructure, software, or staff required to man and manage those services, Explorelogy can provide you with just the right solution.

What is Managed cloud Services

You can come up with a solution where we can support partial or complete control of your cloud platforms, including migrations and maintenance. We can do optimization as well for run your business smoothly and very efficiently.

Secret Behind Us - Our force

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    Highest rate of retantion 100% for all staff

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    Our team passionate to welcome challenges

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    Long term relationships lead to strong business strategies.

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    Our clients are totally secured by our expert teams.

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Cloud Migration Services

We manage all aspects of migrating your systems, data, applications and mission-critical elements to the cloud. This includes technical, service and commercial management to ensure a smooth and effortless transfer.

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Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation Services

We build tailored cloud infrastructure that aligns with your organizational needs and business objectives.

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Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Security Services

We assess potential security threats and risks, help design secure cloud based applications, and provide data protection solutions.

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Cloud Deployment & Integration

We help you to deploy your application and software to the cloud and enable real time exchange of data and processing by connecting all Apps and systems in a way that cloud services can be accessed by multiple devices over a single network.

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Support & Managed Services

We provide both preventive and proactive IT management services that allow real time performance monitoring and scalability as well as reactive IT service support which is a one time fix for failures and malfunctions.

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Container Base Services

We help your software to run without error even when shifted from one computing environment to another by keeping your applications within one package during transition.

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Cloud Orchestration

We use programming to connect automated tasks into a cohesive workflow making your systems and applications all the more efficient.



Our standards and expertise knowledge allows you to uplift your business from existing level to brand new level and streamline your business operation which increases your productivity. No matter from which industry you are, we will cover your requirements with our solutions without any doubt.


6 reasons Explorelogy is the solution your company needs


Customer first

Explorelogy puts our customers first. We prioritise your needs and work within your timelines to get the job done the way you want.


Industry expertise

Our team consists of industry experts and professionals with experience in providing IT solutions to a range of businesses working in diverse industries.


Easy experience

We understand that getting into technicalities can be exhausting. We are here to simplify the tech-stuff and provide you with an easy experience.


Diverse possibilities

We are experienced in a spectrum of technologies, software and applications and are experts at providing diverse solutions that are innovative and efficient.


Customised solutions

Every IT solution we provide will cater to your business requirements and engage in approaches that best remedy the challenges you face.


A long run partner

We don’t stop at interim results. We enable long term solutions and can provide you with continued assistance till your company is ready to take over.

Diversified solutions to suit your requirements

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  • IT Consultancy

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    Building your website, the platform that showcases your business...

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