A preventive Approach to narrowed business focus.

Traditionally, businesses relied on break-fix methods to manage their IT challenges and called on IT companies only when there was a serious threat or malfunction. However many organisations today are finding it more efficient and cost effective to hand over the management of all IT services to third party companies.

Unique selling point

Not only do we run your IT services for up to two years? but also provide you with the option of an agreement which assures knowledge sharing and periodic guidance to safely transfer IT services to your hands.

Cost control

Signing up for this service allows you to avoid sudden and burdensome expenses for urgent IT issues. Predictable pricing and cost-effective packages help maintain a steady budget while addressing your IT service needs.

Business benefit

Maintaining large scale on site IT resources and keeping up with complex digital trends can be challenging, especially for SMEs who cannot support such an investment. Allowing us to handle this for you enables you to focus on your expertise and maximise efficiency.

Suited for you

If you are an SME that needs reliable IT solutions at a reasonable cost, the Explorelogy IT services option is just right for you.

What is Managed IT Services ?

Your business’s reliable relationships are based on how you manage your IT services and that's where you can cut down your unwanted costs, minimized downtime, Data compliance, Scalability by proven and trusted partners who are capable of managing your IT infrastructure.

Secret Behind Us - Our force

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    Highest rate of retantion 100% for all staff

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    Our team passionate to welcome challenges

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    Long term relationships lead to strong business strategies.

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    Our clients are totally secured by our expert teams.

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Our standards and expertise knowledge allows you to uplift your business from existing level to brand new level and streamline your business operation which increases your productivity. No matter from which industry you are, we will cover your requirements with our solutions without any doubt.


6 reasons Explorelogy is the solution your company needs


Customer first

Explorelogy puts our customers first. We prioritise your needs and work within your timelines to get the job done the way you want.


Industry expertise

Our team consists of industry experts and professionals with experience in providing IT solutions to a range of businesses working in diverse industries.


Easy experience

We understand that getting into technicalities can be exhausting. We are here to simplify the tech-stuff and provide you with an easy experience.


Diverse possibilities

We are experienced in a spectrum of technologies, software and applications and are experts at providing diverse solutions that are innovative and efficient.


Customised solutions

Every IT solution we provide will cater to your business requirements and engage in approaches that best remedy the challenges you face.


A long run partner

We don’t stop at interim results. We enable long term solutions and can provide you with continued assistance till your company is ready to take over.

Diversified solutions to suit your requirements

  • Business Concept Development

    Enhancing your business with crucial tech-related directives...

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  • Managed Cloud Services

    Efficient and affordable access to cloud computing and storage...

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  • Managed IT Services

    It maintenance and safety to a trusted third-party...

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  • IT Consultancy

    An expert to guide you on the latest industry trends, essential...

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  • Web Development

    Building your website, the platform that showcases your business...

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